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Camden Market


We have written this article for you to read and enjoy and to give you an insight into one of London's favourite markets. Before you start to read it we would like to tell you a little about ourselves.

We are Independent Surveyors that carry out Building Surveys in North West London including areas such as Primrose Hill, Regents Park, Hampstead, Golders Green and St Johns Wood. We also do valuations and schedules of condition on commercial properties in and around the Camden Town area.

As Surveyors we probably pay more attention to properties around us than most people do even when we are not surveying them! We always recommend lifting your line of sight above eye level as there are some beautiful buildings to be seen and ones that most people miss as they rush about with their daily life. Surveyor tours are something that we would like to introduce. These would explain the architectural styles and details that we see when carrying out Building Surveys. We are also happy to walk a client around an area that we know as well as explaining the results of the structural survey of their house, office or shop.


A - Z of Information on Camden Market /Camden Lock

Camden Market/Camden Lock is situated in North West London and is actually a collection of individual indoor and outdoor markets including the Camden Lock Market and the Stables Market with its Victorian London feel.


A: Arches

The arches at the North End of the Stables Market are worth visiting even if you are not interested in shopping for some of the Vintage bargains on offer. The arches and catacombs of the viaduct have been converted into well-lit shops and stalls and are one of the reasons that tourists visit the market. The arches were originally used as stables for the horses that pulled the barges along the Regents Canal.


B: Bronze Sculptures

The large bronze sculptures of horses, stable boys and farriers can be seen all over the Stables Market, some are over six feet tall! The statues were part of a 20million pound redevelopment project of the Stables Market area in reference to the horses that are part of Camden Lock history. There is also a huge bronze lion at the entrance of Camden Lock Village Market.


C: Camden Lock

To most people ‘Camden Lock' is probably better associated with the market or the area surrounding the market, but it is also the name of the actual Lock on the Regents Canal in Camden Town. Camden Lock is a twin manually operated lock and is now Grade II listed.


D: Devonshire Arms

The Devonshire Arms or The Hobgoblin as it is now called (but still often referred to as the The Dev) is the public House in Camden Town famous for being the most popular alternative venue in North London. Over the years we have carried out many Commercial Building Surveys on Public Houses both Freehold and Leasehold in the form of Schedules of Condition and Property Reports.

Leisure facilities building surveys


E: Electric Ballroom

The Electric Ballroom has been an entertainment venue in Camden for over seventy years. It was originally opened as an Irish club but in recent times it has placed host to rock bands such as U2 and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It was almost closed down under a compulsory purchase order after London Transport issued a proposal to Camden Borough Council to develop Camden Town Tube Station. This was eventually rejected. The Electric Ballroom now has its own market at the weekend with about fifty stalls selling a variety of goods. As Surveyors we have had experience with dealing with Compulsory Purchase Orders and Local Authorities and have given our clients independent advice on the valuation of their property.


F: Food

You can smell the delicious food on offer at the markets a mile away! There is a wide variety of foods from nations worldwide available with many cooked fresh to order. Some of the food provided at the market is said to be some of the best in the area. The Stables market has over fifty food stalls to choose from and the West Yard in Camden Lock market sells some of the more unusual delicacies such as Ostrich burgers and Sushi Rolls. Camden Lock market also has a shop that sells over 50 varieties of doughnut! Food is an informal affair in the markets but tables and chairs are provided at many stalls or you can enjoy eating while you walk along the beautiful Regents canal.


G: Great Day Out

Exploring Camden Market is a great way to spend a day or even a couple of days as one day probably isn't enough to see all of the markets. You never know what bargains you will find in the markets but often it will be something that you will never see anywhere else.



H: Horses and the Hospital

The old Horse Hospital is now the site of the Stables Market. This old building is now Grade II listed. Historically it cared for horses that were injured when pulling the barges along the canal. As Surveyors we often carry out Building Surveys on listed buildings in London. Owning a listed building can be difficult to maintain and we have often advised on problems regarding rising damp, alterations carried out without consent and wrong materials used in repairs such as cement mortar used for re-pointing instead of a lime mortar.

Listed Buildings


I: Independent Surveyors

As Independent Surveyors we have carried out a variety of different surveys in the Camden area of London including Residential Building Surveys and also Commercial Surveys. If you are buying a house or business in and around the Camden Town Market area then call us for a truly independent opinion, we are not influenced by Banks, Building Societies or Estate Agents!

Why Use Us?


J: Jubilee Greenway Walk

Starting at Buckingham Palace the Jubilee Greenway Walk is a 37 mile walking and cycling route that joins many of the 2012 Olympic venues with major attractions and places of interest throughout London. You will see many of London's parks including Hyde Park and Regents Park along the way and if you travel the whole route you will see famous landmarks such as Tower Bridge and the Thames Flood Barrier. You will also reach Camden Lock and its markets if you complete section three of the route. Along the route be sure to watch out for the special glass pavement squares marked with crowns to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The first of these has been placed at Buckingham Palace.


K: Kings Cross

Kings Cross is one of Londons biggest and busiest stations. Located in the Borough of Camden it was opened in 1852 and now over 40 million people pass through it annually.

For fans of the Harry Potter books King Cross Station became a large part of the story with the fictional platform 9 & ¾ being located there and marking the gateway to the wizard world.


L: Little Venice

Little Venice is a triangular area of water in south Maida Vale. The pool of water is where two canals, the Regents Canal and the Grand Union Canal meet. If you hop on a narrow boat at Camden Lock you can travel to Little Venice where you will find a selection of cafes and pubs to enjoy a drink and a meal at the water's edge. We often carry out Building Surveys on commercial premises, both freehold and leasehold.


M: Market opening times

Camden Markets are open every day (apart from Christmas Day) from 10am to 6pm with the exception of the Electric Ballroom fashion market which only opens on a Sunday.


N Nearby Attractions and Facilities

Camden Town Market is close to many places of interest. One of our favourites is the Jewish Museum dedicated to Jewish history and culture. Set within a beautiful listed building the museum has recently received a large Heritage Lottery grant and after a redevelopment programme it reopened in 2010.

We have included other places of interest for you to visit at the end of the article.


0: Olympics 2012

Camden Town Market is not far from some of the venues of the 2012 London Summer Olympics. The Summer Olympic Games is the biggest major sports tournament in the world. Held every four years host countries have included the U.S.A, Russia, Australia, Spain, France, Greece and Germany.


P: Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is an area and also the name of a much loved hill in North West London that has the most amazing views over London. Primrose Hill has recently had improvements to the summit with new benches and better drainage to protect the grass. The area is a very desirable place to live especially with the rich and famous. Primrose Hill can be reached by walking along the Regents Canal from Camden Market.


Q: Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen is head of state in the UK. She celebrated her 60 th year of rule with the Diamond Jubilee in June 2012. Her London residence Buckingham Palace is one of the major tourist attractions in London with millions of tourists visiting it annually.


R: Regents Park

Regents Park is a large area of open parkland in central London and is one of the Royal Parks. Some of the park falls within the Borough of Camden with the rest being in Westminster. There are many facilities within the park including formal gardens, childrens play areas, a boating lake and an open air theatre. The park also plays host to many sporting activities such as football, tennis and running.


S: Shop fronts

Camden Town shops have some of the most unique shop fronts in the world! Many are colourfully painted whilst others are adorned with huge ornaments such as the six foot pair of trainers attached to the front of the shop or a huge dragon that appears to be scaling its way down the front of the oriental restaurant below it.


T: Tourism

Tourism plays a huge part in the success of Camden market. Visitors come from far and wide to visit this popular collection of indoor and outdoor markets. London is always a favourite tourist attraction which has been boosted by the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics Games of 2012. Camden Market is one of a number of markets that attracts the tourists to London. Other popular markets include Petticoat Lane, Brick Lane, Borough Market and Portobello Road.


Petticoat Lane Market

Portobello Market


U: Underground

The London Underground is one of the largest and busiest train systems in the world. There are 75 lines running within it and it serves 275 stations. The Tube as it is also known, because of the tube shaped tunnels that the trains use to navigate around London, is the easiest way for tourists to see the Capital. Underground Stations close to Camden Market are Camden Town and Chalk Farm.


V: Vintage

Camden Market has always been well known for its vintage clothing stalls. Today the Stables market has some lovely shops under the arches. Most of the clothes date between the 1950s and the 1980's but earlier items can be found if you are prepared to rummage!


W: Wren (Jenny)

The Jenny Wren is a traditional narrow boat that cruises up and down the Regents canal between Camden and Little Venice. It passes by London Zoo and the Snowden Aviary on its journey.



X: Xmas in London

London is famous for its Christmas Lights that usually get switched on by a favourite celebrity every year. Regents Street and Oxford Street become filled with people waiting for what has become a special occasion. Away from the city centre Camden Markets are a great shopping venue for finding unusual and quirky Christmas gifts.


Y: Young Designers

Many young designers start their careers selling their clothing designs at Camden Market. The fashion conscious visitors to the market are always able to find trendy and unique garments and accessories for sale. Designers such as those behind the Red or Dead brand started their careers at Camden Market.


Z: Zoo

London Zoo is located on the north side of Regents Park. The zoo is the world's oldest scientific zoo dating from 1828. Today it houses over 750 animals and has recently opened areas that allow visitors to walk through he animal enclosures such as the ‘meet the monkeys' exhibit. The zoo also operates late adults only evenings during June and July with all exhibits being open but with the added attraction of champagne bars and picnics.


How do I get to Camden Market?

Camden market is very easy to reach via public transport both by train and by bus and also by boat via the Regents Canal.


Camden Market by Train / The Tube - There are two London Underground Stations within walking distance of the market.

  1. Camden Town tube station is 6 minutes from Camden Market
  2. Chalk Farm tube station is 8 minutes from Camden Market
  3. Kentish Town Mainline station is 15 minutes from Camden Market


Camden Market by Bus There are many buses that stop at Camden town market, these include;

24 Hampstead Heath to Pimlico

27 Turnham Green to Chalk Farm (this bus stops at Portobello market as well)

88 Clapham Common to Camden Gardens.

214 Hampstead Lane to Liverpool Street

274 Angel Islington to Lancaster Gate


Camden Market by Car – Driving into London can be difficult and although Camden Market is not in the congestion Zone spaces are far and few between. If you are visiting London Zoo then you can park your car in the car park and walk to the market after you leave the zoo.


What National Trust Places of interest are near to Camden Market?

2 Willow Road in Hampstead - This is a unique modernist home

Fenton House in Hampstead - A beautiful 17th Century Merchants House.

George Inn - The last galleried inn left in London.

Carlyle House in Chelsea - The home of Historian Thomas Carlyle.

Sutton Housse in Hackney - A grade ll Listed Tudor House


What English Heritage Places of interest are near to Camden Market?

Kenwood house in Hampstead – A former stately home.

Jewel Tower in Westminster – One of only two buildings from the medieval Palace of Westminster to survive.

Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner - A triumphal arch.

Apsley House in Hyde Park Corner – One of London's finest Georgian buildings and known as Number One, London.


We hope you enjoyed our article on Camden Market and our comments from an Independent Surveyors point of view. Here are some links to some other articles that we have written and that may be of interest you.


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Whilst most of this is written from local knowledge of the area, here are some websites that we think may interest you, some of which we have used for information and we would like to give them credit for this. We are only human so if there are any amendments or additions or updates we would be pleased to receive your feedback so we can keep our website up to date.

camden-market.com,electricballroom.co.uk, visitlondon.com, english-heritage.org.uk, nationaltrust.org.uk, londontown.com, alondonguide.com, networkrail.co.uk, visitthecity.co.uk, camdenlock.net,camdenmarkets.org,tourlondon.com


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