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As you are going to hopefully read and enjoy this article here are a few words about us first!

We are Independent Surveyors that carry out Building Surveys in West London including areas such as Notting Hill, Kensington, Knightsbridge and Holland Park. We also do valuations and schedules of condition on commercial properties in the Portobello Road Market area.

As Surveyors we probably pay more attention to properties around us than most people do even when we are not surveying them! We always recommend lifting your line of sight above eye level as there are some beautiful buildings to be seen and ones that most people miss as they rush about with their daily life. Surveyor tours are something that we would l to introduce. These would explain the architectural styles and details that we see when carrying out Building Surveys. We are also happy to walk a client around an area that we know as well as explaining the results of the structural survey of their house, office or shop.


A - Z of Information on Portobello Market

Portobello Road market is the world famous street market in West London and is arguably the largest antiques market in the world. Located in Notting Hill, a popular area of London lived in and frequented by the rich and famous, Portobello Road Market stands in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Hyde Park, Kensington, Holland Park and Paddington are all within easy reach of Portobello Road.



Antiques are the thing that Portobello Road Market is most famous for. There is a combination of shops and stalls selling their wares over an area of about half a mile. Here you can find treasures that include books, maps, porcelain, pottery, gold and silver jewellery and architectural salvage.



Antiques Arcade in Portobello Road, London



Barclays Cycle Hire, introduced by Boris Johnson and nicknamed after him, operate a shared bicycle hire scheme in the City of London including the areas of Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill. There are 5000 bicycles located across London with over 300 hundred docking points. They work on an access and usage charge and are then returned to the docking point when they are finished with. This is a great way to see London and good exercise too!

Boris Bikes for hire in Notting Hill, London


Chepstow Villas is a street that crosses with Portobello Road and is where the main antique stalls section of the market begins. Property in this tree lined street is one of the most sought after in the Notting Hill area. We have carried out Residential Building Surveys on some beautiful Victorian houses nearby in Arundel Gardens and Ladbroke Grove and have dealt with problems associated with Mansard roofs and London Butterfly roofs.



Disney famously featured a scene set in Portobello Road Market in the movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks along with a song entitled Portobello Road that included the line ‘the street where the riches of ages are stowed, a nything and everything a chap can unload is sold off the barrow in Portobello Road '.



Portobello Road in London W11



Located in Portobello Road this was one of the first buildings designed for cinema use In England. Designed in an Edwardian Baroque style this grade II listed building has undergone a unique luxurious refurbishment and is now one of London 's much loved cinemas. A night out at this cinema is a one of a kind experience that everyone should try. The seats have footstalls and tables for food and drink. The food that can be purchased is not just the usual run of the mill popcorn! Olives, pork pies with piccalilli and feta and spinach tart are often available to buy as small plates. Over the years we have carried out Commercial Building Surveys and Property Reports on cinemas and other leisure venues including pubs, bars and restaurants in London both freehold and leasehold in the form of Schedules of Condition.



The middle section of Portobello Market is dedicated to Food, Glorious Food! Although this area is mainly the fresh fruit and vegetable area there are also stalls selling bread and international ingredients and produce. There is a lovely bakery that sells delicious cupcakes in Portobello Road . At the far end of the market there is now a fine food section that sells organic and free range produce both from the UK and abroad. Bakeries, delicatessens and convenience stores are just some of the properties we have carried out commercial building surveys on over the years.

Fruit and vegetables at Portobello Road market


Golbourne Road is mainly where the second hand goods area of the market is but there are also some traders selling new goods. This part of Portobello Road market doesn't get as busy with tourists but it is frequented by locals looking for bargains. Historically this area was farmland with Portobello Farm being built in 1740.



Hugh Grant is the famous floppy haired English Actor who starred in the movie Notting Hill and is seen wandering through the fruit and veg section Of Portobello Road Market in one of the most memorable scenes of the film. In the movie he plays a book shop owner that sells travel guides and who falls in love with an American actress. We have never carried out a Building Survey on a travel guide book shop before! However we are often asked to carry out Commercial Building surveys and Schedules of Conditions on many other types of shop and businesses.



As Independent Surveyors we have carried out a variety of different surveys in the Notting Hill area including Residential Building Surveys and also Commercial Surveys. If you are buying a house or business in Notting Hill then call us for a truly independent opinion, we are not influenced by Banks, Building Societies or Estate Agents!

Victorian houses in Notting Hill


The famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts acted opposite Hugh grant in Notting Hill the movie where she played the part, strangely enough, of a Hollywood actress! A lot of the movie is set around the Portobello Road Market area of Notting Hill.



Portobello Road market is located within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This is one of the wealthiest boroughs in London second only to Westminster . It is also one of the most densely populated boroughs and as such we have been privileged to carry out Building Surveys on some beautiful period properties in this area. Kensington and Chelsea has some of the UKs most expensive Streets within its borders.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is also home to some of London 's famous attractions such as Harrods, The Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Saatchi Gallery.



This is the name of the road that runs parallel with Portobello Road and is also the name given to the area surrounding it. The road was named after James Ladbroke, a landowner in the 19th Century who developed the area into a housing estate with large stuccoed houses with private gardens.


Stained glass window

Today property in this area is at a premium and we have carried out Building Surveys on some beautiful Victorian and Georgian town houses. Problems we have come across include dampness getting into the property via chimneys and parapet walls. These problems are often hard to identify as access to them is difficult because of the height of the buildings and we have had to arrange scaffolding to assess the high level work required.

Ladbroke Grove is also on the main route of the Notting Hill carnival. This attracts over a million revellers to the area to enjoy the sound of the steel bands, the colourful sight of the elaborate costumes and to sample some tasty Caribbean food



There are many buskers or street musicians to be found entertaining the crowds along the length of Portobello Road playing a wide range of music. Musically Portobello Market is also famous for being mentioned in songs by Dire Straits and Blur.



Portobello Road Market is located in Notting Hill, West London . It is now a highly desirable area to live in. In complete contrast during the 1950's it was a poor working class area and was known for its cheap lodgings and slums. Even further back in history during the 1800s it was called the Potteries and Piggeries because there were three times as many pigs in the area than humans and also vast quantities of pottery was produced here.

Notting Hill in West London used to be a slum.


George Orwell, the English Novelist, lived in Portobello Road for a short time in 1927. Our Surveyor spotted an English Heritage blue plaque on the building that he took rooms in commemorating his association with the road. We have included more English heritage sites in West London and also National Trust places of interest at the end of the article for you to visit when in London .



Portobello Farm was sited close to where Golbourne Road is today. The farm was given its name after a conflict between Spain and Great Britain ended with the British Admiral Edward Vernon capturing the Spanish ruled town of Puerto Bello. This has given Portobello Road its name today. Vernon Yard named in the Admirals honour still remains today just off of Portobello Road.



Vintage items can be found and bartered for along the length of the market. You can buy vintage clothes and vintage lace and bags. The Northern end of the market is widely known as the fashion end of the market and is where most clothing stalls can be found.

Portobello Road market


Portobello road has a wide selection of these ranging from modern cafes and restaurants to old traditional pubs (some with their original Victorian interiors including the snugs). Our Independent Surveyors sometimes visit these local establishments for a spot of lunch or a nice cup of tea before carrying out another Building Survey in the area.



Sunday is the only day that none of the stalls on the Portobello Road market trade. The rest of the week you will find parts of the market open but Saturday is the only day everything is open and is, of course, the busiest day of the week. Some of the actual shops along Portobello Road are open on a Sunday and there is also a fashion market under the Portobello Green canopy.

Only some shops open on Sunday in Portobello Road


Tourism plays a huge part in the success of the market. Visitors come from far and wide to visit this old traditional London street market. London is always a favourite tourist attraction which has been boosted by the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics of 2012. Portobello Road is one of a number of markets that attracts the tourists to London. Other top destinations include Covent Garden, Camden market, Borough market and Petticoat Lane .



Portobello Road market has a unique feel due to the lack of High Street chain stores running along it, something that the local population wish to maintain. The Friends of Portobello, a local campaign group, hope to keep the character of the road and want to preserve the market as Britain 's first Business Conservation area.



The buildings that line Portobello Road are predominantly mid to late Victorian and have beautiful coloured facades that add to the experience of visiting the market. Some are in need of a lick of paint but some look as if they may need a little bit more work and would benefit from a visit from an Independent Surveyor such as ourselves at 1stAssociated.co.uk!

Victorian property in Notting Hill needs re-decoration and possibly a building survey!


There are guided Walking Tours available in the Notting Hill area that include a visit to Portobello Road market with information given on the best places to eat and drink locally. Other highlights include famous locations from the movies Notting Hill, Love actually and The Italian job.



Ho-Ho-Ho! From about mid-November there is an Xmas Market in Portobello Road that is held every Sunday up until Christmas selling Christmas goods, gifts and craft items. There are often unique items or vintage goods sold on the market that make great Christmas gifts.



Young Designers can be found trying to sell their wares amongst the second hand sellers underneath the Westway. This end of Portobello road is known as the Fashion Market and now there are some big designer names moving into shops in the area.

Portobello Market street sign


Portobello Market is outside of the Congestion Zone. However it was badly affected by the Western Extension of the Congestion Zone until it was removed by Boris Johnson. This is also good news for our Surveyors who are often in London carrying out building surveys, and need to park near the home or business / shop they are surveying.


How do I get to Portobello Road Market?

Portobello Road Market is very easy to reach via public transport both by train and by bus.


Portobello Market by Train / The Tube - There are two London Underground Stations within walking distance.

1.  Notting Hill Gate on the central, district or circle line. You need to leave by the North Portobello exit and walk west towards Pembridge Road . Once on Pembridge Road you will see the turn off for Portobello Road on the left. This is the south end of the market.

2.  Ladbroke Grove on the Hammersmith and City line. When you leave the station you need to cross the road and then walk down Ladbroke Grove to Lancaster Road , this brings you to the north end of the market.


Portobello Market by Bus – There are many buses that stop at or near Portobello Road, these are:

7 – East Acton to Russell Square

23 – Liverpool Street to Westbourne Park

27 – Chalk Farm to Turnham Green

28 – Kensal Rise to Wandsworth

31 – Camden Town to White City

52 – Victoria to Willesden

70 – Acton to South Kensington

228 – Central Middlesex Hospital to Maida Vale

328 – Chelsea to Golders Green

452 – Kensal Rise to Wandsworth Road


Portobello Market by Car – Driving into London can be difficult and although Portobello Road is easy to reach (and there is no congestion charge), parking the car is difficult in this area when the market is there as parking space is very limited.


Portobello Market by Bike – National Cycle Route Network Number 6 is a Sustrans Cycle Route that includes Portobello Road . The route is known as the Little Venice to Horsenden Hill route and is a seven mile cycle ride.

Boris Bikes (BCH) are available to hire throughout the city for anyone wishing to see the local areas this way.


Notting Hill

The area of Notting Hill is a beautiful, colourful area of London. With its mixture of Victorian and modern properties, leafy streets, churches and of course the market makes it an area of London that today many celebrities have chosen to reside in.

There are many other areas to explore nearby and many places of interest to visit.



St Johns Church in Notting Hill

What National Trust Places of interest are near to Portobello Road Market?

Carlyle House in Chelsea


National trust attractions in other parts of London

Fenton House in Hampstead

Sutton House in Hackney

Ham House and Garden in Richmond


What English Heritage Places of interest are near to Portobello Road Market?

Apsley House, Hyde Park Corner

Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner

The Jewel Tower, Westminster

Chiswick House, Chiswick

We hope you enjoyed our article on Portobello Road Market and our comments from an Independent Surveyors point of view. Here are some links to some other articles that we have written and that may be of interest you.


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portobellomarket.org, pretaportobello.com, portobello road.co.uk, visitlondon.com, tfl.gov.uk, thehill.co.uk

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