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1st Associated was set up to market privately owned Independent Chartered Surveyors, who are part of the ISVA, Independent Surveyors and Valuers Association (formally known as the ISA) and/or the RICS and who are happy to work to our standards. 1st Associated is not a Chartered Surveyors but promotes and explains the benefits and beliefs they have.
It markets for Independent Chartered Surveyors in a variety of ways.  Here we look at our internet marketing activities.

How we market building surveys on the web.
We use a variety of methods to market our building surveys on the internet and we are always trying to think up new ones!  We focus mainly on our website and various associated websites such as SurveyQuotes and
Our marketing focus of this website is on building surveys and the fact that the website offers instant online survey quotes. The website also explains how we have major advantages over many other chartered surveying practices, as we are an independent surveying company and a privately owned surveying company - this you will find is quite unique.  All this means is we can focus on quality building surveys without getting distracted by other activities the company may have.
You may know that most chartered surveyors are owned by banks, building Societies and other lending institutions and some chartered surveyors are even owned by estate agents. Our marketing people explain this and help the customer understand the choices they have.
Marketing surveys are all about people
Our marketing people not only think up ways to market the company they are also the first point of contact that most of our customers have with 1st Associated.  They discuss the survey requirements and the types of surveys i.e. building surveys, structural surveys, schedules of condition, commercial surveys, in fact any type of survey! so they have to understand and be able to explain the choices available to you, as buying a property is a very expensive business particularly if you get it wrong.
Our marketing people carefully explain the different types of survey to ensure you pick the right one.  We can show you the difference in quality of our surveys as we have surveys online for you to view.  We explain that all chartered surveyors and surveys are not the same.  We have worked hard to make our surveys top quality and the best value for money pound for pound.  We don't think our surveys can be bettered and we are constantly updating them based upon customer feedback - compare our surveys by clicking here

If you are interested in helping us we recommend you have a good look around our website.  This will help you to understand our beliefs and ethics and then phone for a chat.  We usually have work for the right sort of person. 

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